The Ultimate Cloud Base Universal Platform That Optimizes All
Employee Benefits and Group Insurance Management

Bene-FIX is a powerful, simplified software that lets everyone manage employee benefits through the unique INPUT ONCE UNIVERSAL platform shared with all industry participants. INPUT ONCE eliminates the repetitive tasks associated with the current multitude of incompatible systems. Access bene-FIX and your whole environment is instantly HERE, at your fingertips. Bene-FIX simplicity and efficiency brings lower insurance costs, expert advice and a host of resources and services that take you to new levels of success and empowerment. With bene-FIX you are no longer a simple observer, YOU control your insurance.

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3 unmatched benefits

Amazing Simplicity

bene-FIX updates all your benefits, insurance and payroll information, with INPUT ONCE™, from a friendly interface. bene-FIX simplicity stops useless money waste and inefficiency associated with managing the same data in multiple systems and the burden of synchronizing them. All providers instantly access the right information through the bene-FIX secure ‘ecosystem’.

Peace of mind and efficiency… through one simple platform.

Great Savings

bene-FIX connects you to the new electronic world of saving an “ecosystem” that lets you:
– pick and choose amongst the most competent certified brokers,
– gets you quotes from the more efficient and money saving carriers,
– an assurance of the best value for your money.

bene-FIX is your partner, putting endless possibilities at your fingertips, with huge savings in operating costs, fees and expenses.

Instant Gratification

Bene-FIX offers solid, long term improvements AND INSTANT GRATIFICATION… Increased efficiency allows you to dedicate your talents and expertise to more productive work. You now can easily compare, evaluate and implement the best programs, reinforcing your competitive benefits proposition. With a single click of the mouse you and your team members now have INSTANT access to ALL your authorized insurance information providing you with the true feeling of INSTANT GRATIFICATION.


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Savings Savings Savings

SAVING on Initial implementation

The initial implementation of bene-FIX triggers the employer’s 1st wave of SAVINGS. SELF SERVICE through SINGLE INPUT brings instant and automatic management of all the Group Insurance tasks: allowing for billing synchronization with employer/employee tax optimized contribution and payroll management. All participants are instantly connected to the changes providing streamlined efficiency, productivity and savings. Through our INPUT ONCE™ self-service, ALL your insurance associated tasks are done and done WELL; substantially reducing the Error & Omission risk. (Not yet convinced; ask for a demonstration on HOW One single input can replace 35 individual complex and necessary tasks.) Self-service and instant access to YOUR information bring additional cost efficient value and SAVINGS.

SAVING on 1st renewal!

SAVINGS compound on 1st renewal as the bene-FIX clients now capitalize on the “fully AUTOMATED going to market process” to get the best quote possible from the market. Preferred insurance carriers who takes full advantage of the ECOSYSTEM “INPUT ONCE™” can now offer efficiency and cost saving never before available. Traditional carriers are handicapped by the cost of the complexity of their legacy systems. Broker’s increased bene-FIX productivity and efficiency provide added value to the employer insuring the highest level of service with the additional saving.

SAVING on renewal 2, 3 and 4

But the SAVINGS do not end on the 1st renewal as the bene-FIX solution continues to improve as the users of the ECOSYSTEM community become more efficient and more competitive bringing additional levels of future saving.

Find out if you qualify for FREE ACCESS to bene-FIX!

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The bene-FIX solution is all about YOU…

By removing the burden of multiple management tasks and technology through our INPUT ONCE™ SINGLE UNIVERSAL CLOUD BASE SYSTEM, bene-FIX gives your certified providers the unique opportunity to bring out the best of their expertise and knowledge.

With bene-FIX YOU are the center of the ECOSYSTEM universe (you are no longer a simple spectator, YOU OWN your benefits) and can choose the best certified providers that can focus most of their time on providing YOU the best products and best services.

Because the technology saves certified provider’s time and eliminates complexity, YOU SAVE and PROFIT from BETTER SERVICE…


THE bene-FIX ECOSYSTEM is a network of top professionals sharing the same objectives:

• Providing you with INSTANT GRATIFICATION…
• Providing YOU with better services and SAVINGS through the elimination of complexity, multiple locations of information and human errors.


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bene-FIX is a 20 year endeavor

bene-FIX is a 20 year endeavor to replace 5000+ complex incompatible systems by A SINGLE INPUT ONCE™ system.

Long before anyone could dream of a UNIVERSAL, FULLY INTEGRATED, COLLABORATIVE, END2END, CLOUD BASED GROUP INSURANCE solution, bene-FIX’s team of professionals were focused on delivering the system.

TODAY it is a reality for you to take advantage of.

Discover through our 3 dedicated multimedia presentations the story behind the passion and the technology.

The ECOSYSTEM essential

Short but to the point. Direct and indirect cost of managaning Group Insurance and Exployee Benefits are WAY TO EXPENSIVE.
Learn why we need to simplify.

Introduction to the ECOSYSTEM

Through this introduction, learn about WHERE your savings and efficiencies will be coming from.

History and details

For sponsors and consumers the ECOSYSTEM is a No Brainer…
Starting in 1995 and working through 6 significant phases the bene-FIX team of succeeded and delivering the needed efficiency and productivity.
This is how bene-FIX came about…

No more +5000 Systems


  • To service the Group Insurance market in Canada more than 5,000 different software systems are currently used by Carriers, Advisors, Actuaries, Payroll and HR providers, Claims Payment Managers, Employers, Government Agencies, Union Organization, etc.
  • The multiplicity of individual, incompatible systems are a burden on efficiency and productivity.
  • The complexity brings the cost of managing Group Insurance to an unacceptable level.

The ECOSYSTEM technology replaces these with ONE SINGLE Fully integrated solution that services ALL participants for a fraction of the cost and reduces data errors caused by multiple inputs of the same information in different systems.

Please relieve me of 5000+ systems

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