Looking for a market strategy on Steroid to GROW your Group Benefit book of business?

The employer’s Group Insurance management pain... becomes a Golden opportunity to bene-FIX partners!

Our business model has proven itself south of our border, where it has propelled an hyper growth of $ 15K to $ 63M in recurring revenues in less than 36 months. That’s $ 1 billion annual premium that adopted the promised simplicity.

To achieve this exceptional growth, the US Corporation simply GAVE away a FREE technology solution in exchange for becoming “Agent on record”.

To support and expand its business offering, they raised half a billion $ in capital for a market value that once reached $ 4.5 billion.


Here’s how our bene-FIX offering, far outclasses Zenefits and gives you a unique opportunity for exponential growth:

• In terms of simplicity while one brings simplicity to the employer only, Bene-FIX delivers simplicity to all stakeholders: Employer, employee, broker, actuary, insurers, payroll systems, claim payers, etc.

• As for Savings $ 0 for Zenefits while bene-FIX can deliver 15 to 50% of current administrative costs in savings.

• While the US Corporation only provides the Obama’s health care benefit, bene-FIX provides management of more than 33 benefits and services.

• And as for HR services, bene-FIX is open to all HR systems.


In a nutshell, while the first offers a small% of ADMINISTRATION, bene-FIX delivers full vertical integration of all SALES, ADMIN and CLAIMS for ALL stakeholders.

The global offering of the BENE-FIX ECOSYSTEM outdoes the first by a factor of 10 to 20, increasing the credibility of your opportunity.


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