and TIME SAVING your benefit
management becomes within
the bene-FIX solution.

The Bene-FIX COLLABORATIVE offering is all about sharing of tasks and responsibilities, bringing the power of INPUT ONCE™ into the hands of the most suitable participant.


Bene-FIX brings SIMPLICITY, COST SAVING and INSTANT GRATIFICATION to ALL industry participants insuring instant access to all Information through your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Discover how we have FIXed the complexity issues by providing one of the smartest and most integrated benefit management platforms.


By sharing ONE SINGLE database, ONE SINGLE system:



• Employee accesses all relevant information with one single sign on and assumes responsibility of keeping their information up to date;


REAL TIME easy access to ALL information eliminates current HR resources waste of their precious time freeing them to better utilize their expertise;





• Employer buys, manages and controls all the group insurance and employee benefits information with REAL TIME access, eliminating the current useless time lost associated with searching or calling to get the right information;





• Brokers can finally focus on delivering the EXPERTISE by limiting their intervention to supporting the employers where they can bring the most value.


Eliminating the costs associated with inefficiency reduces the cost of insurance for employers and makes the broker offer more competitive.


Broker controls ALL their book of business through a single sign on.





• Carriers are liberated from the burden of most ancillary tasks that bring NO VALUE. They now can focus on their CORE business: Evaluating, Rating and Insuring a risk.


Technology becomes a non-issue as they control their essential information leaving to each participant the opportunity to share task and responsibilities.


Carrier’s differentiation is now clearly displayed for all to see and appreciate.




INPUT ONCE ™ provides for ONE single input from sales to full claim adjudication, eliminating the multiple entries of the same information and the need to access different systems to get your information.




INSTANT GRATIFICATION is easy to find as each participant can access ALL the group insurance and employee benefits related information… and then some:


• Discover how the INSURED gets a confidential section to store all their important private information.


• Discover how EMPLOYER can access QUICK online Insurance QUOTE.


• Find out how BROKERS access to all their client info in one single login provides them with the BEST CRM tools ever.


Remember that ONCE the info is entered, the full automation of bene-FIX takes over and insure FULL management without further human intervention.


ASK for a group insurance quote and discover how the ECOSYSTEM provides INTERNAL operation SAVING as well as significant benefit DISCOUNT.


Each presentation is color coded to show the specific tools available to service the appropriate needs. Please take the time to review the various features available by exploring the quick demos associated with your color:










Risk management


Risk management
**PC ONLY. PLEASE be patient. This is a large application that could take some time to be downloaded. **



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