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Embrace and PROFIT

GAFA’s disruptive technologies are making inroads in the Employee Benefits and Group Insurance space. (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple)”

The inefficient $35B Canadian Group Insurance market is ripe for the introduction of technologies to REDUCE COST and bring the consumers long awaited INSTANT GRATIFICATION and SIMPLICITY.


As a provider, you can:

  • “Wait and seeand possibly become a victim of more efficient providers (see Zenefits)
  • “Embrace and PROFIT” by being part of the disruption.

bene-FIX brings “INPUT ONCETM; a unique opportunity for a limited number of forward thinking incumbents to lead the disruption with a technological offering that one could only dream of.


With bene-FIX you not only can fend off GAFA’s you can actually seize the opportunity to capture new market share and achieve HUGE PROFITS for years to come.


The Bene-FIX ECOSYSTEM brings to partners across the country a new and more efficient business model to provide simplified, personalized and comprehensive benefits coverage to employees.

Great Partnering opportunities for:



Do you have what it takes to be part of this disruption and profit?

bene-FIX is looking to partner with a limited number of innovative likeminded Brokers (Actuaries and Advisors) ready to join an ELITE group of professionals committed to this disruption.

Check to see if you can qualify to become a VIP partner and
get PAID to invest in your future.

As a broker, you know that technologies are mandatory if you want not only to survive but also to profit.


bene-FIX :

  • Has been built to become your springboard for moving you into that direction;
  • Is a solid and innovative technology suite;
  • Created a new collaborative business model.


By becoming a bene-FIX “Certified” broker:

  • You not only gain access to powerful technologies;
  • You also become an intricate part of the ECOSYSTEM paving your way to increased revenues and profits.


bene-FIX allows Brokers to :

  • Compete effectively in the FREE SOFTWARE strategy space to grow exponentially,
  • Win over GAFA’s by giving away a “more efficient and cost saving benefit management” Client Web service,
  • DIFFERENTIATE your offering,
  • Eliminate the need to invest time and money in own technology,
  • Save through privilege access to an advanced CRM technology suite streamlining transactions with your Clients and Suppliers,
  • SAVE with bi-directional integrated RFP electronic exchange with preferred carriers,
  • Reduce your administrative costs,
  • Increase Client satisfaction and loyalty,


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We need only to look at the current business model. Le shear number of participants, the complexity of doing business together, the same information in multiple database, the hardship of finding the right information when needed, the complexity of synchronizing the information as well as the burden of many legacy technologies within over 5,000+ different systems. We are a HUGE TARGET for any serious GAFAS.

Value proposition ADVISOR - FULL version 17.39 min



Privileged carriers access the hot technologically savvy SELF-SERVE market ready to adopt COST SAVING, SIMPLIFIED web services with the ultimate INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

The Canadian bene-FIX network of ELITE forward thinking broker’s favors efficient and like-minded carriers that embrace the INPUT ONCE ™ technology.

The ECOSYSTEM unique empowerment of the sponsors and members combined with a FULLY integrated streamlined technology brings saving and opportunity for exponential growth.


bene-FIX allows Carriers to :


Acquire NEW business:

  • Increase sales by becoming a preferred provider to an ELITE group of Brokers,
  • Compete effectively in the FREE SOFTWARE strategy space,
  • Win over GAFA’s by giving away a “more efficient and cost saving benefit management” Client Web service,
  • Take advantage of the fully integrated RFP bene-FIX tools to deliver your broker network with more efficient electronic Quoting service,
  • Increase competitiveness while differentiating your offering,
  • Get access to a new source of income through the new COLLABORATIVE model that will be promoted by the certified Brokers and advisors.


Reduce COST and Increase PROFITS:

  • Reduce IT cost through significant TECHNOLOGICAL saving associated with the NATURAL OUTSOURCING of services provided by the INPUT ONCE ™ efficiency,
  • Save time and money with the COST efficient fully integrated bi-directional RFP/Quote bene-FIX electronic management tools,
  • Profit by using the risk management and actuarial analysis tools totally integrated with RFP and sales management to insure better underwriting,
  • SAVE through an unlimited access to REAL TIME client database information as well as all the tools to fully control contract information and rates, without having to invest in your own,
  • PROFIT from the full integration between Sales, Admin and Claims management eliminating the current need for multiple database management,
  • Choose between:
    • receiving daily data upload and continue managing the client information through the traditional model or
    • use the full power of bene-FIX to gain maximum saving,


Gain Market stability

  • Once you capture a new client, the better risk management tools and VALUE offering insure a higher level of loyalty and profits.


Certified Carrier benefits from the SIMPLICITY and full integration of the ECOSYSTEM, exclusive to BENE-FIX, to manage every data through our unique INPUT ONCE ™ system.






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We are responsible of our own demise. For too long we have taken the consumer for granted. For too long we have transferred the cost of our INEFFICIENCY to the sponsors. For too long, we assumed the industry was shielded from more efficient competitors…




With www.bene-fix.comes huge opportunities for Payroll providers to become an active and INTEGRAL participant in the new UNIVERSAL COLLABORATIVE model and reap financial benefits.


Within the new bene-FIX business model, the payroll providers are offered a premium seating to assist employer/consumer properly manage the benefits information at the same time as they are managing their payroll.


With minimal financial investment payroll/HR service providers can expand their services and revenues.



bene-FIX brings to the payroll provider


  • a UNIVERSAL connection to all preferred carriers insuring through “INPUT ONCE ” management of all benefit activities including:
    • Billing,
    • Extended option for Employer/yee tax optimized contribution,
    • bene-FIX brings an additional opportunity for payroll providers to collect the benefit premiums through the current processes and pay the various carriers, advisors and other interested parties.

bene-FIX brings an additional opportunity for payroll providers to collect the benefit premiums through the current processes and pay the various carriers, advisors and other interested parties.

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(…) Fortunately, 15 years ago we saw the future and since then, have invested $ million to prepare for the invasion. We have seen this future and built a more extended solution offering to become THE major CANADIAN agent of disruption.

Value proposition HR - full version 12:39 min


Because “INPUT ONCE™” brings to EBGI the “KISS” principle to its highest level of SIMPLICITY with ONE SINGLE CLOUD SYSTEM that provides custom interfaces to EVERY PARTICIPANTS.


With its unique bene-FIX offering, this Fully Integrated End2End Collaborative Cloud application suite is changing the rules: Carriers, brokers, advisors, actuaries, payroll/HR service providers, claims management providers and every other suppliers interact with the SAME database in order to best serve their Clients while improving their own efficiencies and reduce costs.

While bene-FIX brings the technology, the COLLABORATION of all industry participant creates the ECOSYSTEM greatest VALUE: SHARING of TASKS and RESPONSIBILITIES by the various participants for the benefit of ALL.


Complexity of integration is thing of the past. The UNIQUE bene-FIX platform provides ALL participants the right tools through dedicated customized interfaces insuring the simplicity of “INPUT ONCE™”.


Bene-FIX manages over 33 different benefits providing for true Total Benefit Management.

WHAT bene-FIX brings

  • Personalized access to the most integrated Benefit specific CRM,
  • Partnership between YOUR business interest and the hot hi-tech experts,
  • Full control over the evolution of the technologies through dedicated committees representing industry specific interests,
  • A UNIVERSAL technology that can be used with any carrier,
  • A simplified UNIVERSAL ONE SINGLE system process,
  • Instant access to the expertise of ALL industry participants for sharing of tasks, responsibilities and information,
  • Access to a dedicated programming department for customize ON DEMAND products,
  • Open API to allow for custom additions to the bene-FIX offering,

  • Choice to INSOURCE or OUTSOURCE to certified providers any support services needed,
  • Undisruptive migration model to new technologies,
  • A total integration Import/Export of data with the preferred Carriers,
  • Totally integrated Claims Management for paper, electronic and point of sale,
  • HR/PAYROLL integration with a selected number of preferred providers,
  • SALES/ADMIN/CLAIMS total integration insures true “INPUT ONCE™”.
  • A WEB Self-service access to SPONSOR/MEMBERS guarantying:
    • SAVING



In short bene-FIX brings all the needed tools for YOU to focus exclusively on:

• Delivering your best VALUE: Your expertise.
• And making PROFIT.


ALL of this potentially at NO COST…
…as bene-FIX takes is revenues from SAVING generated by the COST REDUCTION inherent to the simplicity of the ECOSYSTEM.



bene-FIX is all about commoditizing Employee Benefit and Group Insurance management by reassigning tasks and responsibilities to the best resources.

bene-FIX provides a UNIVERSAL platform to all participants. It insures that tasks and responsibilities are assumed by the right person. It brings simplicity for all participating parties.


It allows greater profits to all participating parties:

  • Employer/Consumer needs to manage the insured information and are provided the tools to make this SIMPLE.
  • Payroll/HR provider ASSISTS the Employer with any activities that impact the payroll including Group Insurance management.
  • Advisor and Actuary focus on providing professional ADVICE.
  • Carrier focus on EVALUATING, RATING and INSURING the risk.
  • CLAIMS MANAGEMENT provider SET UP ADJUDICATION RULES and insures the human link between the health service and product providers and the consumers.
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