bene-FIX delivers Free money (part 2)

Welcome to bene-FIX guarantee of FREE money part 2.

After reviewing the $10,000 FREE money Part 1 presentation, you are now aware of the FREE money available using the group insurance tax optimization processes thanks to bene-FIX.  If you are part of the 80% of enterprises that are not being proposed these tools as your professional may have elected that the services are too expensive and complex to offer, now is the opportunity for a single looney to get this FREE money.

While part 1 provided with the bird eye view, this part 2 dives directly into the minute details starting with individual scenarios and building up to the full explanation of the significant FREE money available.

The taxable incomes are reduced by 23$ on the provincial side and 13$ on the federal providing with a tax saving on 900$ of some 250$ in saving.  A nice pay raise for FREE.

But wait, there is more. we get a very significant 5,000$ in deductible expenses.
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For the sake of this presentation we are using a Quebec based company, with various benefits, a 24 pays period, a taxable disability coverage and a typical employer/yee 50/50 premium sharing.

If like most enterprise, you simply split each of the benefits in the middle then based on a family coverage both the employee and the employer equally pay 106$.  Using this simplistic method creates a Taxable income, of 83$ on the provincial level and 13$ on the federal side.  If we multiply these number by 24 pays period, we get totals of 2,000 + 300$ for a grand total of 2,300$ in taxable income.

Now let’s redo these calculations for the same employee and use the magic of the bene-FIX tax optimizing process where the system ensures maximum tax savings and… these numbers drops to 1,400$.

The taxable incomes are reduced by 23$ on the provincial side and 13$ on the federal providing with a tax saving on 900$ of some 250$ in saving.  A nice pay raise for FREE.

bene-FIX highly sophisticated tools also guarantee the optimized calculation for equivalent saving for individual as well as couple or single parent coverages.

Totalizing the 16 employees that we are using for the purpose of this example, multiply the taxable income by 24 pay period to find the annual taxable income and then make the difference between the Optimized and none optimized numbers we get over 10K$ in taxable savings.

Taking advantage of the bene-FIX highly sophisticated comparative tools let’s review these numbers and appreciate a saving of some 2,600$ in income taxes for the employees.

Because we are saving 10K$ in taxable income, we also save the employer on the various social cost associated, providing with an almost 300$ in annual savings.

But wait, there is more.   Let’s get back to the optimized individual sheet and discover that we have deductible expenses resulting from these tax optimized bene-FIX processes.  If we multiply these number again by 24 pay period, we get a very significant 5,000$ in deductible expenses.

To make life easier, bene-FIX automatically generate these reports for each employee providing them with the necessary tool to claim the tax deductions while making sure to deduct the 3% of salary and then add the incurred medical expenses including deductible, co-pay and all.

Going back to the bene-FIX comparative tools, we can now add the additional almost 5K$ in potential tax-deductible expenses.

Taking these numbers and using a simple 20/16 factor to build our easy comparative analysis for 20 employees we can appreciate the probable 11K$ in FREE money available simply by taking advantage of the bene-FIX unique expertise.

While these number could vary based on your specific situation, we are please to remind you that If you qualify, this is FREE money can be yours for a single loonie and naming bene-FIX your preferred provider.  While the bene-FIX superior technology delivers the optimized and risk-free automation the bene-FIX professionals provide the technology, the insurance expertise as well as the support to guarantee you the maximum TAX saving and FREE money while making your life easier.

This $10,000 FREE money offering is just ONE of the 5 SAVING opportunities that bene-FIX offers enterprises.  The web page presents 10 solid reasons to buy the bene-FIX services for a single dollar.  Each are addressing the SAVING, SIMPLICITY and INSTANT GRATIFICATION.


Give us a call and we show you if and how much your company could get in FREE money.

Thank you



If you qualify, this is FREE money can be yours for a single loonie.




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