SAVING are obvious when you go from 5000 systems to a SINGLE SYSTEM

To manage ONE single contract, a great number of stakeholders must interact together. Since most stakeholders use distinct technologies that are mostly incompatible with each other, they make the processes unnecessarily complex by requiring multiple re-entry of the same information.

Trying to keep up and synchronize all these individual databases creates enormous risks of mistakes. With more than 600,000 contracts in Canada, it is easy to understand the astronomical costs and complexity of which you, as an unwilling victim, are footing the bill.

With more than 5,000 different management systems to administer Employee Benefits and Group Insurance the total cost is near $ 10G annually.



To fully appreciate the stupidity of the benefit model imagine if each bank used a different widget to replace the credit card that is universally accepted.


Thus YOU as a consumer, would need to choose from a wall of hundreds of widgets receivers, the one preferred by your bank, for each credit or debit purchase…


The solution is EVIDENT: just SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY and SIMPLIFY again.  As with the Interac card use a SINGLE and UNIVERSAL system delivering all the needed tools for all the stakeholders.

What used to be considered impossible now bears a name: BENE-FIX.

bene-FIX is a FULLY INTEGRATED END2END COLLABORATIVE CLOUD ECOSYSTEM created to become the ONLY TOOL needed to manage every single process from the sales to full claim adjudication providing the needed tools to EACH stakeholders allowing for sharing of task and responsibilities.

Bene-FIX empowers each user with a customized interface.

As each stakeholder shares tasks and responsibilities through INPUT ONCE, the solution guarantees substantial SAVING, process SIMPLIFICATION, E & O risk reduction and ultimately delivers the expected INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

The employer as well as each staff member can manage their information via a SINGLE SIGNON and this from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to REAL-TIME INPUT ONCE, all changes are instantly available throughout the food chain delivering relevant information to all stakeholders.

As an example; a modest name change or the addition of a new child that, can currently take several days before being accessible to the pharmacy,

is available in less than 1 second with the universal and totally integrated bene- FIX solution.

Please continue your journey on SIMPLICITY by watching the INPUT ONCE video.

Give us a call and we show you if and how much your company could get in FREE money.

Thank you



If you qualify, this is FREE money can be yours for a single loonie.




Call us Now to get your FREE MONEY : 1 833 BENE-FIX #2 | 1 833 236-3349 #2 | 

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