The ultimate benefits of INPUT ONCE™ your fingertips for 1$*

Our mission is simple:

Eliminate your stress and headaches by:

  • Gradually raising you from a traditionally complex, expensive, subject to E & O and information scattered everywhere solution


  • Simplicity, SAVINGS and instant gratification thanks to INPUT ONCE.

Our insurance experts offer tailor-made services backed by an efficient technology that allows each stakeholders to optimize their effort and energy to deliver their best group insurance products and services at discounted prices.




By fully exploiting the benefits of the bene-FIX technology and ECOSYSTEM, our experts as setting the table for you to gradually take advantage of the various significant discounts that becomes available.

The self-sufficient administrator who chooses more self-management option can add savings while taking advantage of more freedom coming with instant gratification.

Membership is EASY. If you qualify we offer you access to bene-FIX for as little as $ 1 and our team of professionals takes over your existing Group Insurance contract and gradually expands on your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Ultimately, at YOUR elected pace, bene-FIX team will bring you all the benefits of:

  • REAL-TIME SINGLE INPUT for a MAXIMUM of efficiency,
  • SAVING and

Our promise bene-FIX.

Thank you!  Please contact your bene-FIX representative and start on your venture to the next level.




If you qualify, this is FREE money can be yours for a single loonie.




Call us Now to get your FREE MONEY : 1 833 BENE-FIX #2 | 1 833 236-3349 #2 | 

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