Definition :

Instant gratification is the pleasure of getting

a desired product or service without delay.

The consumer is increasingly privileged and demanding. He wants EVERYTHING and he wants it NOW.


As an employee, bene-FIX offers you the ultimate customer experience by delivering instant gratification through your own private and confidential site.

It is important to note that Bene-FIX does much more than simply delivers instant access to all your group insurance information, bene-FIX also provides you the consumers with a totally private section allowing you to manage all your various important documents.

The home page provides the employee with a list of Red, Yellow and Green quantified priorities identifying the activities that are late and those that needs to be carried out in the short and medium term.

As one can appreciate the employee’s app allows for management of most significant assets such as personal insurance, vehicle, driving license, passport and other important legal documents.

The next block of information allows you to manage and upkeep all of your census group insurance information. As an employee you now have real-time access to your information allowing you to view, edit or simply perform hypothetical or actual calculations as required.  Instant gratification comes from being empowered with your own app greatly reducing your dependence on the traditional HR resources.

  • As an example, you may wish to compare with your spouse group insurance plan both the financial cost and benefits offered under different individual, family or couple status scenarios. With bene-FIX, simply make the necessary changes, click on preview and VOILÀ what used to take a couple of days to get is instantly available including the new coverage limits as well as the tax impacts of taxable benefits and deductible expenses.



Being an empowered employee allows you to instantly manage personal details such as spouse, dependents, beneficiaries as well as banking information. This simple REAL TIME interface ensures INPUT ONCE avoiding potential re-input errors. Thus a name correction or the addition of a dependant is instantly accessible to the pharmacist delivering again instant gratification vs current tools that could take a couple of days if not week.

A second block of information is dedicated to Claims management allowing the employee to keep track of all processed and paid claims as well as those pending. You will notice that bene-FIX’s claims module integrates all drug, dental and health product and services under a single file. This advance and optimize management model reduces input efforts and ensures additional cost savings.

The authorized employee could file a new claim as well as simply review the available balance for any insured product or service.

As a bonus to bene-FIX group insurance information management, the second block offers the consumer a private and confidential section where one can manage the various insurance policies, vehicles, properties, personal claim info, credit or debits card, investments mortgage or other assets as well as a complete set of relevant documents.

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