Definition :

Instant gratification is the pleasure of getting

a desired product or service without delay.

The consumer is increasingly privileged and demanding. He wants EVERYTHING and he wants it NOW.

bene-FIX delivers, via a single login, this Instant gratification to the employer through a UNIVERSAL solution that provides access to all of its group insurance information, regardless of the insurer or the specificities of its plan.

In the SAVING section; the Income tax, Synchronization and Market Survey videos have clearly demonstrated the insurance and tax intelligence integrated into bene-FIX INPUT ONCE that insures to eliminate headaches and bring substantial savings.

As an add on to these presentations, let’s examine the employer’s interface and discover the useful information available that guarantees to deliver your Instant gratification.

The bene-FIX team invest heavily in order to deliver to employer a simple and effective tool that allows, through few clicks, to access as well as to manage all relevant insurance information with minimal effort.



The home page provides the employer’s operator with a list of Red, Yellow and Green quantified priorities identifying the activities that are late and those that needs to be carried out in the short and medium term.

The status of the last invoice as well as the outstanding balance is clearly identified.

A list of related activities are also available in addition to the contact information of bene-FIX professionals assigned to your account.

The first block of information allows you to access and manage each employee, enter or maintain specific information and perform the hypothetical or actual calculations as required.

  • This employee relevant information can be shared and delegated to each of your employee by assigning them a personalized access code.  Doing so empowers your team member’s to get their own Instant gratification while greatly reducing traditional HR support work.

The second block of information allows access to all the relevant administrative information. As bene-FIX offers a UNIVERSAL platform, it makes it easier to take advantage of hybrid plans choosing the most competitive benefits from different insurers under a single platform.

This unique access makes it possible to consult or to upkeep all your important information including your invoices, employer / employee contributions, history of claims and rates, etc.

The last block of information is dedicated to providing the relevant information associated to a market surveys. As demonstrated in the video Market Survey, the employer can automatically trigger the study process and obtain the relevant analysis.

Finally, but no less important, bene-FIX is a UNIVERSAL solution that belongs to YOU. Thus, if you need to change your insurer, all your information and user interfaces are guaranteed to remain the same ensuring the continuity of your operations and perpetual simplicity.

Please continue your journey on INSTANT GRATIFICATION by watching and sharing the video dedicated to the employee’s.


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